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ELASTIK Waterproofing For Roofs, Gutters & Decks

A versatile product that has been trusted throughout NZ for the last 21 years. Find out how and where to use it below.
✓ Metal Roofs
✓ Bitumen Membranes
✓ Rubber Membranes
✓ Concrete Surfaces

Where can you use Elastik?

Elastik is the ideal solution for repairing and refurbishing old surfaces as it can be applied without the need for dismantling the structure. This mean that there is minimal impact on the operation of a site with the Elastik solution is applied. Elastik has been used throughout NZ and the Pacific since 1999.

What surfaces can it be used on?

Versatility of Elastik

Versatility of Elastik

Elastik is suitable for application to wood, concrete and bituminous surfaces, and is ideal for the refurbishment of old, damaged surfaces.

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Product Benefits of Elastik

Product Benefits of Elastik

  • Cost Effective: Elastik can be applied without the need to replace the existing structure
  • Ready to use: Elastik can be applied straight from the can.
  • Easy to apply: Applied with either brush or roller - view our DIY KIT.
  • Robust and Durable: Resists damage caused by UV, ageing and water pooling.
  • Highly Adherent
  • Environmentally Friendly: Elastik is a water-based product that has minimal impact on the environment
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View our Elastik brochure

View our Elastik brochure

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