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  • Maintenance Installer

    Maintenance Installer

    There’s no greater compliment for a waterproofing product than a big thumbs up from the experts. That’s exactly what James Mika gives Elastik, a product he uses regularly for repairing roofs, balconies, gutters and other areas where water is leaking....

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    The Hamilton Jet, eggbeaters and bungy jumping are just a few of the wonderful Kiwi inventions close to our hearts. We certainly have a talent for resourcefulness. Everyday Kiwis put their number 8 wire mentality to work, creatively solving problems with what they have at hand. Just like the number 8 wire, when we find a product that works, we keep on using it - and often in increasingly creative ways! Elastik, a liquid waterproofing product, is one of those finds.

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