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The Hamilton Jet, eggbeaters and bungy jumping are just a few of the wonderful Kiwi inventions close to our hearts. We certainly have a talent for resourcefulness. Everyday Kiwis put their number 8 wire mentality to work, creatively solving problems with what they have at hand. Just like the number 8 wire, when we find a product that works, we keep on using it - and often in increasingly creative ways! Elastik, a liquid waterproofing product, is one of those finds.

While it comes from Italy, Elastik has embedded itself in the Kiwi DNA over the last 20+ years. When commercial property owner, Colin first came across Elastik, he thought “If this does what it says on the pail, I’ll be a happy man!”.

Exceptional waterproofing properties

So, what does it say on the pail? Elastik is a long-lasting waterproofing membrane that can be applied onto a variety of new and old surfaces. It’s also very versatile. Elastik can be used on new or even rusted sheet metal roofs, new or old bitumen membranes, PVC sheets, rubber membranes and concrete surfaces. Being water based, it’s quick and easy to use and environmentally friendly.

Most customers use Elastik to repair leaks on roofs, gutters, and concrete walls. Customers are often involved in property maintenance or are builders or tradies, but we also get a lot of DIYers who are happy to give Elastik a go.

Simply apply directly from the pail by brush or roller and Elastik will cure to form a seamless, impervious membrane. To add extra strength, such as at transitions, surface material joins or penetrations, a fibreglass or polyester reinforcement mat can be included into the system. A coating is recommended over Elastik once it has cured. Coatings such as Enviroflect and Aquaseal are available from Tried.Tested.Proven.

Extending the life of your property

Customers often share stories of ‘opening a can of worms’ when they peel back a piece of rusty roofing or investigate a leak. All too often, removing an existing surface can expose other areas, leading them to break down. In addition, accidental damage can occur during the removal process. All in all, sometimes it is better to leave things in place. That’s where Elastik comes into its own. The application of Elastik over an existing surface may prevent the need to replace it, in turn saving a significant amount of time, money and building waste.

Keeping New Zealand Clean and Green

“The beauty of Elastik is that it keeps things working longer,” Colin says “If it wasn’t for Elastik, I would have had to replace my roof a long time ago. Not only does it save the time, cost and inconvenience of a full roof replacement, it’s also nice to know I'm keeping all that sheet metal out of landfill a bit longer.”

People are much more conscious of the environment and the impact they are having on it. Not only does Elastik keep products in use for longer, customers also feel comfortable that Elastik is water based and has minimal impact on the environment.

Size doesn’t matter

Elastik is popular throughout New Zealand, being used for a range of projects. Elastik is used for maintenance, such as the repair of roofs including small leaks and gutters, as well as large refurbishment projects such as those on commercial projects.

James Mika has plenty of experience with Elastik, for both maintenance and refurbishment. “The use of Elastik on these larger jobs, and the on-going performance of the product, gives people confidence to know it will perform for smaller maintenance jobs,” he says.

Easy to find and easy to use

Elastik comes in a 310ml cartridge as well as 4L, 10L and 20L containers and covers 1-2 square metres per litre; so, whether you have a large or small job in mind, you’ll find a size to suit. If you’d like to use Elastik for one of your projects, get in touch with our team and we’ll happily share our knowledge and get you on your way. You can order Elastik through the Tried.Tested.Proven website and we’ll deliver it to your door or you can come and pick it up from us. It’s as easy as that!

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