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Maintenance Installer

Maintenance Installer

There’s no greater compliment for a waterproofing product than a big thumbs up from the experts. That’s exactly what James Mika gives Elastik, a product he uses regularly for repairing roofs, balconies, gutters and other areas where water is leaking. James is a qualified waterproofing expert and owner of Genesis Waterproofing Maintenance Limited. He spends much of his day fixing leaks on residential and commercial buildings and says Elastik is hi go-to for repair jobs and maintenance.

However, Elastik is not only a product for the experts. It is also a favourite amongst builders and plumbers. The team at Tried Tested Proven find many of their customers are tradespeople who rate Elastik because it works so well and because it is easy to use. As a water based liquid waterproofing product it can be applied by brush or roller straight from the container and is simple to clean up after use. It can be used on a wide range of surfaces including galvanized metal, butyl rubber and bituminous membranes as well as the refurbishment of old damaged surfaces such as concrete.

There are a number of reasons why James loves using Elastik he says “the beauty of elastic is that it goes underneath flashings. The flashings can be remove, Elastik applied and the flashing replaced. This is quick and easy and often prevents the need to replace part or all of a roof. James also notes that in his work, he regularly finds that areas laid with butynol have not been maintained over time. This Is often the case with balconies, where leaks become problematic. “It’s hard to repair butynol as you need to strip it back and this is difficult and time consuming” explains James. However, Elastik is a liquid waterproofing product that can be painted directly over the Butynol, “It’s easy to use and saves a lot of time.”

James often uses Elastik with reinforced mesh especially if he is repairing a leak. He applied a layer of Elastik initially, then lays over the mesh, and follow up with another layer of Elastik.

As an Aucklander, James is all too familiar with the wide range of weather conditions buildings can be exposed to. Selecting a product that will stand up to everything New Zealand weather brings is no small task. James finds that once Elastik has been applied and cured it continually performs well in high and low temperatures.

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